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Vital Spark
Vital Spark

Gas worker
Gas worker

John Street Demolition

Strathclyde University Archives

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John Street Demolition

Workmen taking a break from demolishing houses in John Street, 1937. St Paul's Church is in the background, across the street. It was intended to fill the space created by the demolition with an extension to the Royal Technical College. However, the redevelopment was delayed by the Second World War.

The Royal Technical College had been recognised as a University College by the University Grants Committee in 1919, partly as a result of the College's contribution to the war effort in the First World War. This meant that the College was a university in all but name. The availability of Treasury grants led to an expansion of courses in the 1920s and 1930s, particularly in the field of engineering. This led to pressure on space and the need to extend the building.

The original St Paul's (Outer High) Parish Church was opened in 1836 to house the Outer High congregation that previously had occupied part of Glasgow Cathedral. It was regarded as one of architect David Hamilton's most successful buildings, but was demolished to make way for the Royal College building in the early 20th century. A replacement church, seen here, was opened in 1907, at the corner of Martha Street. It was sold to the Royal Technical College in 1953 and subsequently converted to a Chaplaincy Centre by the University of Strathclyde.

Reference: P2/1/40/3

Reproduced with the permission of Strathclyde University Archives

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