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Scottish Musical Review 1896
Scottish Musical Review 1896

St John's Infant School

Glasgow City Archives, Department of Education

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St John's Infant School

St John's Infant School on Norfolk Street in the Gorbals, c 1970. Built by the Glasgow School Board in 1905, it began life as a Short Term Industrial School which became popularly known as the "Truant School". The institution provided a few months of residential education for 160 of the most persistent truants in the area. The boys would receive conventional lessons in subjects such as writing and arithmetic, with practical instruction in skills such as carpentry and gardening. The school had its own swimming pool.

In 1922 St John's became a conventional public school before converting to a Junior Secondary in 1949. Ten years later in 1959 it became St John's Secondary School which it remained until 1962 when it became St John's Infant School.

In 1974 a replacement St John's Primary School was built on the site in the open-plan style which was popular at the time.

Reference: D-ED 5/29/4/84

Reproduced with the permission of Glasgow City Council, Libraries Information and Learning

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